8 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

As much as we like it, not all relationships are happy – and not all happy relationships are healthy!

And while there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, let’s all strive to develop a happy, healthy relationship as much as we can.

Here are tell-tale signs that you are already in one…

1. You Trust Each Other

Alright with you that your significant other spends time with friends of your gender, and you don’t feel jealous at all because you know he’d never cheat on you.healty relationship 1

2. You Appreciate Even the Little Things

He brought you food or made you coffee – and you feel so special even if it was a common thing for someone to do.

3. You Inspire Each Other

In times of trouble, you know you have someone to turn to and make you feel happy again.healty relationship 2

4. You Don’t Rush Things Just for Milestones

There’s no timetable in your relationship because you want to savor the moment. You don’t rush things just for the milestones.

5. You’re Open About Everything

You can talk about anything and everything, even about your past loves (aka exes) and future plans! You consult each other about things you need to decide upon, especially if it’s something major that could affect your careers, your family, and your lives in general.

6. You Don’t Try to Change Each Other

You love each other for who you are, even with the quirkiness, and don’t try to change each other to suit what you wanted.healty relationship 3

7. You Have Personal Space

While you do love to spend time with each other, you also let the other have personal space. You don’t encroach on their territory – and don’t even feel the need to check their phones to possibly find secrets.

8. You Don’t Care About the Past

You understand that you might not be the first one, the first love in each other’s lives, but you live in the moment and don’t care about the past.