5 Signs You are Actually Just His Back Burner Girl

Most of us have gone through difficulties in our relationships and many have gone through break-ups and heartbreaks before finally finding their one true love. But how do you know he’s actually worth building a relationship with or if he really just thinks of you as his back burner girl?

If he just got out of a relationship and seems romantically interested in you, watch out for signs that he’s really just using you to either get over his ex or make the woman jealous. It’s up to you to decide if he’s still worth your time but here are signs you are actually just his back burner girl.

He’s OK with Not Seeing You Often

When you’re in love, especially in the first stages, you want to spend as much time as you can with each other. But if he’s OK with not seeing you for several days, even if you both aren’t really busy, then he’s not really into you.back burner girl 1

He Refuses to Introduce You to Family and Friends

Do you have this feeling that he’s trying to hide you and your relationship from his family and friends? If he refuses to introduce you to important people in his life, then he’s most likely not serious about you. He doesn’t even want them to know you’re seeing each other.

He Never Makes Plans with You

Things are almost always spontaneous with him because he never makes plans with you. He claims he’s just busy and unsure of his schedule; in reality, you’re just his ‘back-up’ plan just in case his main girl is busy or no longer wants to spend time with him.back burner girl 2

Or He Constantly Changes Plans

On the other hand, it’s possible that he always makes plans with you but often cancels at the last minute because ‘something came up’. If he doesn’t respect you enough to go through with all your plans or at least give you ample time to re-schedule, then he doesn’t really think you’re that important in his life.

He’s Always Sad and Bummed Out

When he’s with you, he always seems sad and bummed out. He’s vulnerable and wants to share his problems to seek comfort from you. While many ladies love the idea that they can make such a vulnerable man happy, if he only shares his sadness but never his triumphs, he’s most likely celebrating his joys with someone else.