8 Practices that Help Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Kids

A lot of parents these days complain that they can’t connect with their kids and that they can’t relate with this new generation of kids who spend most of their time in front of their gadgets.

But it’s not too late, moms and dads! There’s still a chance you can strengthen your relationship with your kids and make them grow closer to you. Check out these 8 practices:

1. Keep a Bedtime Routine

Make sure to find time to bond with your kids – and what better time to do it than just before bedtime? Snuggle with your kid and read them a book or tell stories. It does not matter what you do for a bedtime routine but it would be nice to have one, something your kids can look forward to each night.family 1

2. Learn to Listen

Many of us, parents, are used to being the authority figure in the house, the one that the kids listen to. But make sure you also listen to your children. By seeing things and events through their perspective, the more you understand what they feel and what they are going through.

3. Slow Down and Just Savor the Moment

Busy building your career? Your kids are also busy growing up – and they need you. Don’t wait until you are fully successful and rich to talk to your then-already adult kids. Chances are, they will no longer know how to interact with you.

Slow down and just savor the moment with your kids. You’ll be surprised at how fast time flies.family 2

4. Welcome Emotion

A lot of parents, especially dads, don’t think that kids should cry – especially boys! But it is important to understand that showing emotion is alright, even with boys! Let your kids share their emotions with you – and you will gain their trust.

5. Allocate Time for One-on-One

Your kids need you but they also want to have your undivided attention. Even if you more than one kid, make sure to find time for each one, something that they don’t have to share with their siblings. Whether that’s just 10-15 minutes of helping them do their assignments or talking over something.family 3

6. Turn Off Technology During Interaction

Are you talking to your kid but also chatting up with your boss or friends? Don’t do that during your alone time with your kids! Let them understand that they are also important to you and you can spend time with them, without technology involved.

7. Play with Them

A lot of parents have this notion that play time is only for kids. While that might be true, you should also spend time with your kids while they play because play time is their world!family 4

8. Give Them Hugs All the Time

A lot of parents aren’t really showy when it comes to their kids. But giving your kids hugs is not just beneficial for them but also for you! Give your kids a hug even if no reason at all – and watch that do magic with your relationship with them…

Source: Love What Matters