7 Reasons Why Cousins are the Best Friends You Could Ever Have

There’s a saying that “Cousins are ready-made friends for life.” This has been proven in many families. But we’re quite curious why cousins are the best friends you could ever have – can you guess why?

1. No Sibling Rivalry

Cousins are your closest relatives, next to your siblings but the best thing about them is that there’s no sibling rivalry there because, obviously, you are not siblings! So, you can enjoy a friendly competition without really being rivals.cousins 1

2. You Knew Them Forever

Growing up with your cousins, you literally knew them forever! Unlike unrelated friends that you still have to meet to be friends with, your cousins are really just there and available.

3. They Accept You for Who You Are

Well, they really have no choice, eh? LOL. But cousins accept you for who your own – mostly because they grew up knowing who you are and have come to accept every bit of your quirkiness.cousins 2

4. You Have a Lot of Inside Jokes

Plus, you do have a lot of inside jokes! Many cousins don’t even have to complete their sentences to know what the others meant to say – and many don’t even have to say anything to know what the other is thinking!

5. You Share Everything with Them

Whether you like it or not, you do share a lot of things in common with your cousins – and that’s really a beautiful thing. As kids, many of you probably wore matching outfits. The same thing even holds true as adults because you get to wear the same shirts for reunions and various family events.cousins 3

6. Their House is Always Open for You

You don’t really need an invitation to go to their house – and it’s always open for you. In fact, you probably know where the spare key is and probably use it from time to time to get some food from the fridge. LOL.

Plus, your aunt probably cooks your favorite food and loves to pamper you with stuff!cousins 4

7. You’ve Been through a Lot of Highs and Lows

As family members, you’ve been through a lot of highs and lows – and most likely shared the grief of someone’s passing or the joy of someone’s success.

Your cousins had seen you at your lowest and were there at your highest points – and that’s exactly what best friends are for!

So, even if you’ve got the weirdest, craziest cousins, we know they also make the coolest best friends you could ever ask for. Do you agree?

Source: The Power of Silence