6 Points to Ponder if He Acts Like He Doesn’t Care About You

Are you with a guy who now acts like he doesn’t care about you? Well, we’ve got some bad news, girl, because if you start to feel that way, it might really be true that he’s not that into you.

Here are 6 points to ponder so you can stop dreaming that things would get better. Just move on.

1. Action Really Speaks Louder than Words

Men aren’t really into words, they are more into actions. No matter how hard you wish for him to change, if he acts indifferent and simply doesn’t care, listen to your gut instinct and let him go.

2. You Can’t Force Someone to Fall in Love with You

You might be the best of friends, enjoying each other’s company. You can talk about anything and everything. You feel secured when he is around. You wish he was ‘The One’ because he fits the bill for the man of your dreams.

But despite the closeness, you can’t force him to fall in love with you. Perhaps he really just sees you as a close friend, nothing more.

3. Love Shouldn’t Be Too Much Work

Planning on trying harder to make him love you back? Don’t! If you focus your efforts in making him love you back, you’ll eventually lose yourself and just feel more pain.

Remember, love should be something wonderful and shouldn’t be too much work. If you feel on having to beg him for attention, you might end up pushing him away.

4. It’s No One’s Fault He Doesn’t Love You

It’s not your fault – and it certainly isn’t his fault that he doesn’t love you! Understand that it’s possible you are not meant for each other.

5. You Deserve Better

Don’t keep on clinging to someone who doesn’t even love you. It’s not worth spending all your energy and love on, girl! Remind yourself that you deserve better and you’ll eventually meet someone who will love you.

6. You’ll Get Over Him

In fact, you’ll actually feel much better if you let him go. As difficult as it might seem to you at the moment, you’ll get over him.

And did you know that you’ll have more fun if you stop looking for love and just go with the flow?