10 Signs He Really Likes You on Your First Date

The first date is open important because first impressions last – and the first date often determines whether there would more dates to come.

Just in case you are wondering, here are signs that he really likes you on your first date.

1. He Didn’t Spend Time on His Phone

It’s really annoying when you’re out on a date and he/she just spends the entire time using the phone. But while it is rude, it is also a sign that your date isn’t really interested in you. So, if he actually spent time with you and not on his phone, then it means he’s interested.

2. He Wants to Know You More

Does he ask about things that interest you, what you do for a living, things that make you happy, and the like? It might be your first date and you’re both shy but this is a good sign that he likes you.

3. He Opens Up about Himself

It’s great when he also opens up about himself – as long as he doesn’t spend the entire night just talking about himself, though.

4. He Maintains Eye Contact

Admittedly this is a bit tricky because there are guys who are shy on the first date and might spend a lot of time bowing their heads; however, if he really is interested in you, he would maintain eye contact, especially when you are talking.

5. He Couldn’t Stop Smiling

He might look silly but he just couldn’t stop smiling – all because he’s so happy to be with you!

6. He Hangs on to Your Every Word

He’s interested in what you are saying and hangs on to your every word. While he talks about himself, he is more interested in what you are going to say.

7. He Tries His Best to Make You Happy

He wants to make sure you are impressed with him and agree on a second date; thus, he tries his best to make you happy, perhaps by buying you a memento during your date or taking you to a place you told him you’re interested in or doing something that you want to do.

8. You Have an Amazing First Kiss

People often show their feelings through a kiss – and you could feel that during your first kiss. Of course, he doesn’t want to overstep his boundaries, especially because this is your first time but you will know he’s actually interested if he does ask for that first kiss.

9. He Asks for a Second Date

You might think he’s moving too fast but if he does ask for a second date, whether in person or via text message later, then he’s definitely interested.

10. He Keeps Texting You

Even while waiting for that second date, he keeps on texting you and making sure you won’t forget him anytime soon.